Make a Break for it with a Romantic Escape
रोमान्टिक बार्ज यात्रा
गाइड र ट्रिप विचारहरू

Kildare मा परम रोमान्टिक भगदड

Couples looking for a romantic getaway should look no further than Kildare. Only an hour from Dublin, this is a county that should be experienced with someone special beside you.

Romantic Hotels

Start your stay in one of Kildare’s many romantic hotels. Set in 500 acres, the 5-star K क्लब offers a unique escape for couples and those who love relaxation, the K Spa Health & Leisure facility is the perfect place for you and your loved one to unwind. If you prefer a small intimate cottage retreat, लिओन्समा क्लिफ offers two bedroom picturesque कुटेजहरू in a unique setting of sprawling greenery and woodlands, or for a castle getaway, Kilkea महल will transport you and your partner back in time!


Kilkea Castle Golf Course Kildare

Take a Romantic Walk!

Spend your morning exploring outdoor expanses that entice and endear. ब्यारो मार्ग is an energetic walk along the terrains of the tranquil River Barrow or get on the latest trend and take a cycle on Kildare’s Greenway Cycling Trail. A popular destination with Kildare couples, डोनाडिया वन पार्क is a lovely mixed woodland with lake, and has many historical features including the remains of a castle and walled garden. Nature spot in Ireland’s largest peatland, एलन को दलदल or tee off at one of the many famous golf courses.


Make Memories in one of Kildare’s top attractions

Memories can be built at a number of the county’s great attractions and historical sites; couples can immerse themselves in the beauty of the जापानी बगैंचा, here visitors enter an oasis of calm as they travel the ‘Life of Man’ path which traces the passage of a soul from birth to death and beyond, or wander through the beautiful parklands, with river walks, a temple and the remains of a bathing house at Castletown घर र बगैंचा.


Kildare Village Couple

Spend a day getting lost in the charming shops, cafes and restaurants. किल्डारे गाउँ is a haven for shoppers who seek out luxury brands at discounted prices, complete your day with a meal in one of their many restaurants and cafes; or if you want to pick up a gift for your loved one, न्यूब्रिज सिल्वरवेयर is the ideal place to find that something special!


Newbridge-silverware-tiamo-collection Kildare

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